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MUSIC VIDEOS - Smatfilms collaborations with pop artist Chelly have been shot on low budgets with a high production value. 

Music Videos done by Rob SmatMusic Video production by smatfilms

Love Me Now – John Legend Cover

All I Want for Christmas Military Tribute

Coming Soon:
Part of Your Game
Second Best

COMMERCIALS For broadcast on television, streaming, or social media, Smatfilms commercials are written with shock value and comedy that will get people noticing your brand.

Commercials by smatfilmssmatfilms commercials

Doritos Spec – Metal Detector

Coming Soon:
Pepsi Spec
Sneakers Ad

FILMS Looking to be SAG eligible or to add footage to your reel? Smatfilms produces a wide array of short film content that maximizes performance, rather than just cinematography.

films by smatfilmsSAG eligible or add footage to your reel

Night Owl Society – Comic Book Sizzle Reel

Coming Soon: 
Gina Lee Collaboration

VIRTUAL REALITYSmatfims operates a full live-action Virtual Reality production suite. 

VR Realty