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Robert has written a number of spec screenplays over the past five years. All have the necessary rights purchased and none have outstanding chain of title conflicts. Here are the current materials on the market right now:

WGA East Collyer Finalist – ALL ARE NOT ABOARD
Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama
Budget: $5-10 MM
Logline: When twelve-year-old Roy is left behind by Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad rescue party, he must navigate the swamps and marshes of 1850’s America to save his mother and make it to freedom. 

Two if by Time Machine
Genre: Comedy
Budget: $25-35 MM
Logline: With the Second Amendment up for grabs in the Supreme Court, the deciding justice requests that one of the founding fathers themselves be present to help make a decision on the vote. The president chooses a Georgetown history student to lead the time traveling mission, and the student retrieves the wrong founder.

Home Alone – Requel 
Genre: Family, Christmas, Comedy
Budget: $40 MM
Logline: Kevin McCallister, now grown up, must get to his daughter, who has been left home alone on purpose as punishment. Meanwhile, she battles a potential burglar with an array of the year’s newest toys and gadgets.

Mass Chaos
Genre: Religious, Ensemble Comedy
Budget: $150,000
Logline: When the Bishop arrives unexpectedly, the charismatic Father Julio (who the kids call Father “Coolio”) must rally his forces to make sure his boss has a good time. Little does he know that the B-Team churchgoers have shown up that day, and he’s in for quite the Mass.


Robert Smat DirectingRobert Smat Director

Robert has trained with Directing teachers including Emmy-winner Barnet Kellman, Joe Nussbaum, Gary Hershberger, and Sheryl Lee. He specializes in comic and dramatic direction, and can extract winning performances in exceptionally fast amounts of time.

Robert has directed over 200 shorts and sketches, as well as a feature film that won Best Feature at the 2013 FreshTakes Film Festival in San Francisco. He is best known as an Actor’s Director or a Producer’s Director, as both types of collaborators are especially respected on set. Robert has extensive experience working with stunts and children.

working with stunts and children

PROJECTSProducers with ambition and budget savviness preferred.

(Smat Movie Poster)
Mass Chaos (working title) is a religious comedy focusing on an ensemble of flawed characters going to church. The screenplay has been workshopped and is complete, and a sizzle reel has been filmed and attached to a pitch look book. For sizzle reel access, please see the CONTACT page.

$50,000 has already been verbally committed toward the project’s budget, and the script has been written for a budget ranging from $150,000 to 500K. Hopeful casting for the lead includes a number of A-list stars. The film would be marketed toward a faith-based audience, with opportunities to do special screenings at churches as well.

Mass Chaos
Mass Chaos