Rebel with a crew by Robert Smat
Over twenty years ago, legendary filmmaker Robert Rodriguez broke down the gates of Hollywood with his book REBEL WITHOUT A CREW, detailing his making of EL MARIACHI. In the two decades since, Rodriguez’s seminal book has inspired legions of independent filmmakers to pick up a camera and start shooting in their own backyards. 
Today, while Rodriguez’s book still holds up in some areas, it fails filmmakers severely in others. Discussing difficulties like film negatives, theatrical distribution, and film festivals, Rodriguez speaks from a time long gone, and does his readers a disservice in the process. While shooting THE LAST WHISTLE, Rob Smat gathered a wealth of knowledge on how to pull off a career-launching film. 
In his first book, Smat argues that feature filmmaking is no longer a solitary art, and that filmmakers who try to do it all themselves will inevitably fail, or worse, get lost in the noise. Smat lays out a framework for how filmmakers can launch their first project, and how to not only work hard, but also work smart.